Why was this amazing scene not included in the original movie?!
Seymour: Nice little house. Nice little car. And no plants. No plants at all! We'll go to Alaska!
Audrey: They say it's pretty there!
Seymour: Then will yah? Will yah marry me?
Audrey: Sure.
Seymour: You will?
Audrey: Sure!
Seymour: Tonight?
Audrey: Sure!!
Seymour: I'll pick you up in an hour and then go to City Hall!
Seymour: Suddenly Seymour, is standing beside you!
Audrey: Suddenly Seymour! Showed me I can!
Seymour: Yes you can!
Audrey: Oh Seymour! We gotta stop singin' like this! I gotta get ready!
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